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1KB (KYUSOKU BIHAKU) Empty KB (KYUSOKU BIHAKU) on Tue Jun 21, 2011 10:05 pm

*It helps make your skin become rosy white
*It helps reduce hair loss, promotes growth of thicker
And fuller hair, while making each strand
grow faster and longer
*It helps boost your immune system
*Anti-aging / Anti-Oxidant
*Prevents skin allergy & pimples
To add to the effectiveness of KB, N-Acelylcysteine
(NAC) was added to the blend .
A power antioxidant b itself, NAC apart
from being the best in boosting the glutathione
levels in the body, also helps in retaining the body’s
glutathione supply much longer. This means that
KB user’s elevated glutathione level in a more
consistent and sustained manner.
Very Happy

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